10 Stunning Vector Tutorials for Web Designers

Vector Graphics is the web designing art form which uses geometrical shapes to create interesting computer graphics. A hub of trendy designs and mind-blowing effects, Vector is the latest buzz among web designers. And when you talk about graphic designing, you cannot miss the Adobe products. Software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop let the designer create amazing vector magic online. Primarily, you may need to base your creation upon a hand-drawn image or a photograph to start with and then you transform them into amazing vector arts.

For example, if you want to create an owl you can make it out from a few circles, curves and lines.

Or may be an interesting Firefox like this –

So if you are not a professional designer, still want to learn the science and art of Vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator or InDesign – here are some of the best and most helpful Vector tutorials for you.

1. Create vibrant portrait

In this tutorial, you will learn to create vibrant, catchy portraits using Adobe Illustrator. The perfect use of bright colors, larger than life features and transparent gradients can make your characters looking ultra-poppy.

2. Create quirky landscape

Open your Adobe Illustrator CS5 and follow the 23 easy steps mentioned in this tutorial to create bizarre landscape, witch’s house and quirky bats flying around.

3. Create isometric circles

Even professional illustrators find it hard to create proper isometric shapes and circles. In this vector tutorial, you will learn the techniques to create different isometric shapes without much hassle.

4. Carve out multiple frames from a single image

This is a video vector tutorial detailing the steps to create different frames from a single image with Adobe InDesign. One can create beautiful Facebook cover photos or Twitter background using this technique.

5. Retro style poster

Photoshop pros, here is something interesting for you. Create vintage style advertisement posters with Photoshop using the brushes and textures. You may require opening your Illustrator tool for creating suitable fonts.

6. Awesome vector diamond

If you are a 3D admirer and want to create an impeccable diamond with your Illustrator and 3D software then this vector tutorial is sure to apply to your creative senses.

7. Mosaic of polygons

This vector tutorial will teach you the techniques of creating mosaic of polygons. Get ready to use your Adobe Illustrator and draw beautiful polygonal mosaics. You may require installing a few free plugins for ease.

8. Colorful city portraits

Design a city with advanced vector graphics of Adobe Illustrator. Create a city landscape, buildings, benches, roads, people and lots more.

9. Create Search engine homepage

With help of few layers styles, basic shapes and filters, you can create magical search engine homepages. Check this tutorial and learn the ways in Photoshop or Illustrator. Also, you will be able to create customized icons.

10. Create brilliant infographics

Learn how to create visually attractive infographics with Adobe Illustrator. It also tells you the secrets of creating the infographic without spoiling its dynamic features so that you can easily change the data later on.

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