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20 Outstanding Parallax Design With Classic Webpage Which Can Glow Your Website | Dezine Robotics

20 Outstanding Parallax Design With Classic Webpage Which Can Glow Your Website


September 22, 2013Resources Web Design2 Comments

Now If you still are finding it difficult to get about parallax and really wanna get a crystal clear idea about this stuff then I am gonna provide you with few examples to ease up the pressure on your brain. The examples are described below:

1. Flandria

This is a Modern promo website. This is a website which when you see, save yourself saying “Jesus!!”, not only because it looks hell hot (especially its burning red color) also because you might find some heavenly god-like pictures painted on it. If you are a connoisseur of art, then this is your baby which is gonna make your eyes pop out. And this made this beauty earn 8.74 points when rated outta 10. The creator of this sizzling hot website is a Russian named Sergey Pleshkov, in collaboration with Julia Artamonova Vallentin Ioffe. This is a website for the font Flandria seasoned with parallax effects.

2. 5emegauche

If you are a lazy bone and wanna avoid situations like when you scroll, you go to a different page and again you have to go back to the original page then this is you cue. Its hell lot annoying to keep scrolling over and again. So this website comes with its own scrolling mechanism piece or element meant for each of its page. This makes it awesome and fun approach to parallax design. This is a damn interesting website which keeps producing innovative results.

3. La Tabla de Gisela

The name of the website if is kinda giving ya any kinda inkling then you are a sports lover or a News geek. Now if that kinda sounds weird then lemme help you with a name “Gisela Pulido”. If you are still not getting it then lemme aid you with the complete information. This website is named after Gisela Pulido who is eight times Freestyle World Champion. This is designed by Nurun_Spainfrom Spain.

The Beast

If you know the beauty of tech-art as in animation and all or of music then this site is the beast. This dashing website is gonna make you dance to its tunes. So just be ready to shake your booty. This site has feature which enables it to self-scroll as a poem is read out. The site makes extensive use of new semantic elements. It gives clear illustrations and also unveils animations with parallax perspectives. This uses data-* attributes to trigger animations at specific audio cue points (such as scene changes, animation cues and so on). It also controls speeds and directions of the moving parallax elements. \


Guys or I must say dudes who love goggles must be familiar with this name “Oakley”. The caption “I AM INVINCIBLE” on the page is really gonna make one feel like a macho man and this website is also designed for this Airbrake MX goggle. This brand of eye-gea has triumphed with the website. This site basically combines parallax scrolling with amazing photography that portrays the product beautifully.

6. Sam Markiewicz

The naked rockstar on the picture of this website might be able to give you kinda hint about this website. This website was just meant for the sake of one bloody goal and that’s “FUN”. It is designed by a French named Sam Markiewicz and its named after him. The website is available in Blue,yellow and white.

7. Atlantis World’s Fair

If ya is one of those freaking fan of the mermaids then you oughta know the name “Atlantis”. However this infographic was was designed by Frank Chimero to demonstrate IE9’s WOFF support and as a way to animate information and to tell the story I a fun way using parallax scrolling.

8. MoreSleep

Dude! Needn’t get influenced by the name because its just an creative agency in Berlin. This website is designed by Moresleep in Germany. It is available in red, black and white.

9. Shape

Nay! Its not the shape you are thinkin about (evil grin). Shape is a website designed be a creative agency named “Shape” which uses parallax scrolling to explain their designs.

10. Why Your Brain Craves Infographics

This amazingly executed infographic designed by Neo Mam Studios comes with a slogan “An infographic to end all infographics”, as with the help of with HTML5 and CSS3 it builds infographic to keep CSS as simple as plausible with the aid of parallax scrolling.

11. Tool of North America

Tool’s latest HTML5 experience designed in the house with its own custom framework named “Tool”,, Which brilliantly executes digital content projects in a fluid CSS 3D environment.

12. Soleil Noir 2012 | We believe in…

This site was originally designed as a greetings card by French interactive studio Soleil Noir making excellent use of parallax scrolling effects. And you gotta read the caption of this site man!! It says “believe in aliens and clients respecting deadlines.” (LOL)

13. The Jacksonville Downtown Art Walk

The Jacksonville Downtown Art Walk is a website influenced from an arts festival that spans more than 15 blocks and takes in dozens of galleries, museums and bars, with street performers and live music, and features watercolour parallax effect.

14. Peugeot Hybrid4

Dude! If you are aware of the craze of comics then all ya is gonna say is “come to mama” for this website. And the reason is Peugeot uses parallax scrolling to create an auto-playing web comic using parallax scrolling in the browser and helps to advertise the car manufacturer’s new Hybrid4 technology.

15. Pitertsev Portfolio

As the name suggests this site is a portfolio of Mikhail Pitertsev, designed by the man himself, which presents cases of digital-direction, art-direction & design projects.

16. The Lab

This is a website which is gonna draw your attention if you have ever have experienced the pain of ya or your dear one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The Lab is a U.K. based website designed by Tilt giving families of people living with dementia information on new research and treatments for Alzheimer’s and related diseases.

17. Laundry Day Festival

For all those who think that it can do you lundry, “Dude this aint gotta to do anything with laundry nor space as the picture on page gives a deception of space ship”. This is a website designed by Revolver for Antwerps biggest electronic music festival.

18. Living Word

This is a cool website with a super cool caption which says “language evolves, so do we”. This stunning, interactive and intuitive website was designed by an UK-based design agency Tribe developed this parallax scrolling site for translation agency Living Word.

19. Fry reads Onegin

This website is designed in Russia by Sergey Skip for the purpose of promotional one pager for an audiobook narrated by Stephen Fry in collaboration with Illarion Gordon.
This site has an average rating of 7.30 based on design, creativity usability and content.

20. Fannabee

This is a rocking website for all ya rocking fans of the rockstars. Kay! Getting bita confused are ya? Actually Fannabee is a site designed for fans of music artists to help show off what they’ve collected, the story of which is explained using Parallax scrolling.

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  1. Rofus Dela Cruz

    Great list, I still like the no. 6 even though this is not the first time I’ve seen it.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Petr Tichy

    Great collection DR team, thanks for sharing and Merry Christmallax

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