Apple is Developing Their Own Display for Watch & Smartphones

Apple is working on a new type of LED Display in a secret facility in California. The screen tech, called MircoLED, is a similar to OLED in some respects. Both don’t require a backlight and offer better contrast than LCDs but MircoLED has better brightness and consumes less energy and aren’t as suscepitble to aging as OLEDs. However, MircoLED is harder to produce than OLED, which is why the technology hasn’t been sucessfully commercialized yet.

Samsung already showcased a huge 146″ MircoLED TV wall prototype, but mentioned that the panels can potentially be produced with any size on a much larger scale, paving the way for the potential usage in phone, tablet and laptop displays. When I first saw Samsung’s microLED TV my reaction was kinda like this guy.

It fair to say that MircoLED is pretty much the end game of display technology for quite some to come. Just like how OLED superseded LCD because it’s brighter, has better color saturation, and is more power-efficient. MicroLED is expected to replace OLED within the next few years for the same reason – it improves on all three of those factors.

Having said that – Apple is reportedly developing Mirco-LED displays and it’s said that the Apple Watch is likely going to be the first product to feature Apple’s own Mirco-LED technology but it’s too soon to say when that iteration of its smartwatch might arrive. However, if Apple is able to get the ball rolling on its Micro-LED ambitions, there might come a time when it shifts iPhone displays to this technology to eliminate the need of sourcing panels from third-parties such as Samsung.

I’m pretty sure Samsung will come up with a smartphone with Micro-LED before Apple because Samsung already showcased a working device and they surely have a lot of experience and are way ahead than Apple in this technology.

But still, if Apple develops their own displays then they would no longer be dependant on Samsung for displays and we know that display is the single highest cost component of the entire device. Losing a customer like Apple would be indeed a bad news for Samsung. Anyways, let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below. PEACE!

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