Holi 2018: History of Holi, Date, Significance and How We Celebrate Holi

Every festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in India and the festival of Holi in this is a symbol of spring. Holi is also called the festival of colors, which will be celebrated on March 2nd this year.

Holika Dahan (Choti Holi) will be celebrated on 1st March. According to the Vikram Sawant Hindu Calendar, this festival comes to the full moon of Phalgun month. Holi is a very festive festival in place of other Hindu festivals, Holi symbolizes the arrival of spring and winter. On the occasion of Holi we meet our loved ones, gulal them and enjoy delicious dishes.

Holi 2018: The Importance and History of Holi

Various stories are associated with Holi, one of them is the story of Prahalad and Hiranyakashyap. According to legend, the powerful King was Hiranyakashyap, he used to celebrate God himself and wanted that everyone worships him like God. While not following the orders of his father, Prahlad, son of Hiranyakshyap, refused to worship him and instead started worshiping Lord Vishnu in his place. Angered by this, Hiranyakashyap gave his son Prahlad many punishments, which he never affected.

After this, Hiranyakashyap and his sister Holika together put together a plan that she would sit on the pyre with Prahalad. Holika had a garment that she did not cause any kind of damage in the fire after she washed, in the other case Prahalad had nothing to save herself. As soon as the fire was burnt, the garment flew away from the Holika and went over to Prahlada. In the same way, Prahlad’s life was saved and his place was burnt in the fire. This is the reason Holi festival is celebrated as a symbol of good victory over evil.

Holi 2018: How To Celebrate Holi Festival

This festival of colors is celebrated with enthusiasm throughout the country. On Holika Dhan, a sacred fire is lit, in which all kinds of evil, pride and negativity are burnt. The next day, we give our best wishes to our loved ones by coloring our loved ones, as well as enjoy this festival with dancing, songs, and delicious dishes. On the streets, pink, yellow, green and red are scattered and people greet their friends and family with the festival.

Holi 2018: Recipes made on Holi

One of the most popular desserts to cook made on Holi is Gujia, which is cooked after being lost. Apart from this, there are many types of salty Holi made in addition to Thandai, Gol Gappa, Dal Kachauri, Papadi Chaat, Kachauri, Dahi Bhale, Chole Bhature, Kanji Vada.

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