Impact of DevOps on Mobile App Development

DevOps is a compelling software development technique. It is developed to send the flexibility and efficiency of mobile apps to the next level. DevOps is based on the agile software development method and it is developed to reduce the gap between mobile apps developers and IT operations personnel, the latter dream of stability, while the former consistently strive to develop new apps with new features. DevOps aims to reduce cycle time of developing and face the customer needs that are consistently changing, at the same time. And one of the DevOps strengths is its ability to cover any cultural change issue, simply because it is focusing on bridge development. It enjoys a wide range of tools that mainly aims to help bridge development and operations. Let`s reveal some companies’ opinion with regard to the impact of DevOps on Mobile App Development.

UrbanCode Inc.

UrbanCode Inc. is a leading company in producing deployment tools and DevOps release. The lead consultant, Eric Minick emphasized that mobile app developers can take out a few pages of the DevOps playbook so that they can develop apps that can work on various platforms like Android, iOS, and HTML5. With DevOps, developing apps targeting various platforms has become easier and quicker.

Minick also highlighted a gorgeous approach of DevOps which is “continuous delivery” and how developers can rebuild the UrbanCode Inc.`apps by applying this approach to change the codes that are initially developed by UrbanCode Inc. and convert them into simulators, and then they can test the apps for various platforms.

Enterprise Markets, Mobile Infrastructure


Intel’s Alliance marketing manager, Jesus Garcia, explained how the DevOps development method could be a great advantage for developers and how it can help them reach new horizons and market areas where they can develop apps not only for regular consumers, but also for enterprises.

Most enterprises have a main concern when it comes to using applications; they mainly need to get an app that is amazing in terms of control, security and maintainability. And thanks to the DevOps development method, developers can meet all these requirements without a hitch.

The DevOps approach is professionally able to create an atmosphere of integration into the environment of any enterprise, which is really a win-win situation for both app developers and the enterprises. That is because DevOps smartly supports the coordination between the enterprise back-end applications and mobile apps.

Not only does DevOps add new features to the on hand back-end applications, but also brings changes to the existing system. To successfully achieve ultimate collaboration between mobile apps and existing back-end applications, all developments parties, mobile app developers, regular developers and various operation responsible persons, should cooperate.

Sauce Labs Inc.

The vice president of product, Steve Hazel, said when a company allows running a test on mobile and web apps in the cloud, it also assures those back-end applications compatible with DevOps.

He believes that mobile developers are at the sharp edge of development thanks to the DevOps and Agile adoption. He noticed that numerous back-end apps of mobile are being built from scratch. This is because people usually tend to adopt the newer strategies instead of traditional methods; especially when it comes to mobile back-end apps. And he thinks that the percentage of mobile developers who have used DevOps surpasses the percentage of web developers who have adopted it.

WillowTree Apps Inc.

The WillowTree Apps Inc. `s founder, Michael Prichard, assures that his company has 45 employees including the DevOps team that is composed of 12-person. Since 2008, the company has been consistently developing native apps, and recently they thought that those apps need to tell something and hence the DevOps team should concentrate on creating back-end and APIs integration.

Michael Prichard preferred to emphasize the idea of no more standalone apps, through giving an example. In 2013, Willow Tree produced an iPhone and Android apps that is called “NBA’s All Star Weekend”. And to drive out those apps to the customers, the company designed the entire back-end system and it targeted building a scalable system through both employing Amazon Web Services and a Django content management system instance.


Nolio is an application release operations software company. Nolio`s director of product strategy, Jacob Ukelson explains the important of DevOps and how its new software approaches and ability to shrink the maintenance timeframes can contribute to its popularity.

He says being always-on cloud computing dramatically shrinks the maintenance windows. Additionally, he noticed that mobile would cause more shrinkage to the maintenance window. And accordingly, the need for managing bug fixes and upgrade deployment feature would be increasing rapidly in order to reduce the impact on application availability.

He also assured that this shrinkage in maintenance window can be achieved via new deployment methodologies adoption like blue-green and dark launching deployments. And at the end of his speech he announced the adoption of DevOps as an ultimate solution for smoothing the adoption path of those methodologies, and those companies that need to get quickly offer these new release models should use DevOps can.

Tool Adoption

Mobile developers have begun to buy the DevOps supporting tools from the automation vendors.

Minick is very optimistic with regard to the DevOps adoption and he expects to see more popularity in adopting DevOps while the mobile development progresses and along with more understating to the DevOps approaches. He also assured that they had updated all the back-end systems code in place before the apps are reached to customers.
Ukelson said that a few customers apply Nolio for mobile app delivery. However,the main driver for Nolio’s Release Operations Suite adoption isn’t the mobile. But mobile is still considered another driver for the “continuous delivery” approach move.

In the current mobile development arena, it is high time to adopt DevOps as an unmatched and a cutting edge development method for mobile apps.

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