Is Your Business Dying For A Web Designer?

Back in the days when the internet was the new Wild West, you couldn’t just build a website by yourself. You had to hire a select group of experts to write out the code and do it all for you. It was a complicated process, especially if you wanted anything more complicated than a page of text. The systems to take payments were in their infancy. Social media didn’t exist. And there was no HTML5.

Fast forward fifteen years and things are very different. Practically anybody can make a website today. There are hundreds of tools to choose from and they’re all rather intuitive. Except there are a few problems. The tools aren’t often that good. And even if they are good, most business owners and managers don’t know how to get the most out of them.

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Today thousands of businesses still go it alone when it comes to building their website. They don’t bother hiring a web designer to do it for them because they see it as an unnecessary expense. What they don’t see are all the knock-on effects that not hiring a professional has. The truth is that it is still just as hard to build a fantastic website as it was in the 1990s. But this time, for different reasons. Here we talk about why your business is dying for a web designer.

Your Site Isn’t As Professional

Great web design is all about being creative and marketing effectively. And this is where the real skill comes in. Unless you happen to be a gifted designer who doesn’t require years of experience, your website won’t look professional. The text will be in the wrong font. There won’t be a consistent design language. And customers may struggle to find what they want.


When businesses use free website builders, they soon run into problems. For one, they often can’t get their websites to do what they want them to do. Perhaps they want to take online bookings and link these to their Google calendar. At the moment, free website builders can’t do this.

Web designers allow you to escape from this straight-jacket. They can create a unique web platform that actually complements your business goals.

Browser Compatibility

Different browsers have different standards for displaying web pages. That means that what looks great in Internet Explorer might look awful in Opera or Chrome. Web designers can accommodate these differences. They know how to design websites that look professional across multiple browser standards. And that means that your customers get to see your site as it was supposed to be seen.

It’s An Investment

Adapting your business to suit your website’s limitations is a recipe for disaster. But with a professionally designed website your website is built to complement your company. What’s more, once it’s created you can add to it as you go along. You’ll have tools to edit the blog or the product page. And you’ll always have a pro on standby if you want to implement new features.

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