Rumors: Samsung Note 9 Might have In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Last we heard, Samsung was supposed to skip implementing an in-display fingerprint sensor into its upcoming Galaxy Note 9, partially because of issues related to screen protectors. However, a brand new report from South Korea now has it that the next generation Galaxy Note might come with an in-display fingerprint scanner after all.

Most of Samsung’s flagships have their concepts finalized five months ahead of launching but this year will be a little different. Samsung is reportedly deciding between several implementations of the in-displays fingerprint scanner. The final decision should come this month, which means we’re likely to find out soon whether or not this is actually happening.

Since the company develops displays, it has the ability to choose one implementation and refine the technology leading up to mass production prior to the release date. Here’s what a person familiar with the product’s development told the Korea Herald: “Samsung Display has prepared three or four solutions for Samsung Electronics to embed the fingerprint sensor inside of the main display and both are seriously considering one of the Solutions.”

So having said that Moving the fingerprint scanner under the display could also mean that Samsung can fit in a bigger battery since there won’t be a fingerprint scanner component present at the back taking up space. Some industry watchers are optimistic that Samsung will finally introduce an in-display fingerprint sensor on its smartphones this year as the company seeks to offer new features in order to further differentiate its handsets from the competition.

Let’s face it, if the in-display scanner won’t make it to the Note 9, there won’t be any difference between the S9+ and the Note 9 this year, apart from the S-Pen of course. So Samsung has to implement this feature. The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to launch this summer, so there is enough time for the technology to be improved but don’t be surprised if something miraculously shelves the in-display fingerprint scanner yet again.

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