Top 10 Web Design Blogs You Shouldn’t Miss Reading

People think web designing is a kind of parallel fine art. Web designers feel in just the opposite way. Every day they have to think out different unique, catchy, exclusive designs. But creativity has a limit and fresh ideas do not appear out of thin air. So when your creativity battery is low, you need to charge it up. Here are some of the charging points or charging stations, as you may put it, where you can just plug in your cable of creativity anytime. It can be a designer’s block or you just want to check out some new designs; these 10 web design blogs must be on top of your lists. From their approach to their ideas, it seems you cannot get it better elsewhere.

Top 10 web design blogs you should not miss, especially if you are a web designer.

1. Noupe

Call it designers’ paradise or an all around designer’s encyclopedia, Noupe justifies them all. Whether it’s web designing, print or something else, Noupe leaves other blogs far behind. From tools to tutorials to its collection of photography, you step into this top web designing blog and your heart says that you are in the right place.

2. GoMediaZine

Whether it’s the freebies or their insightful information or tips on the different aspects of web designing, GoMediaZine maintains a strong fan following across the globe for the last 1-2 years. This top web designing blog is definitely worth reading.

3. ColorBurned

ColorBurned fulfills all the basic parameters to come in the top 10 web design blogs’ list. But there is something that makes them unique. They conduct interviews with numerous designers which give the readers an awesome experience of peeking into the mind of designers.

4. Web Design Ledger

Sometimes, the posts from Web Design Ledge will catch you totally off-guard. You cannot help but wonder from where they get the idea for such blog posts. And that is the USP of this top web designing blog.

5. YouTheDesigner

For graphic designers, YouTheDesigner is the Magic wand that brings out the real designer hidden inside. Their gallery full of educational resources, freebies and tutorials will surely help you develop your graphic designing skills.

6. CreativeNerds

This web design blog is a hotspot for its free fonts, icons, Photoshop brushes and YouTube channel where you get the chance to closely follow the step-by-step visual guides.

7. Naldz Graphics

Check Naldz Graphics for its helpful resources, tutorial and freebies. Moreover, if you are going through designer’s block then just browse through the posts. Your mind will be freshened up in an instance.

8. Web Design Burn

From its collection of artwork, freebies, inspirational resources, tools and tutorials on web designing and WordPress have definitely pushed its level up in the list of top 10 web design blogs.

9. Webdesign Tuts Plus

If you are in search of a helpful web design blog with lots of educational articles, tips and resources on designing then Webdesign Tutsplus is one of the best resources available. Don’t forget to check out their ‘Sessions.’

10. Web Designer Depot

Another enriching resource for web designers who look forward to something different, Web designer Depot enlightens you with amazing information. Read through their posts and you will be opened to another realm of creativity. Besides, Web designer Depot also offers WordPress plugins, Photoshop tutorials & brushes, and tools for web developers as well as graphic designers.

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