Top 10 Web Designing Trends Which Will Rule 2013

Another year has just slipped away from our lives; another new year is setting in slowly. A new year means new beginning and it’s time for all the predictions. In the world of internet and technology, a year can make the world go upside down with breakthrough innovations or renouncing obsolete technologies. So here we are with predictions for the world that revolves around designing – web designing. Keeping an eye on the changes which have been taking place since the end of 2012 to the new evolution’s  we will give you the top 10 web designing trends which will be going to rule the year 2013.

Check out the top 10 web designing trends of 2013 –

Responsive Design

This is the era of true ‘multimedia’. The complete web world is standing on the threshold where every different platform is getting merged up together. So, for designers, the ultimate aim is to create designs or layouts which are easily adaptable across different platforms. A website should look flawless in Windows 8 mobile as well as in a MacBook. So uniform web design is the most ‘in’ thing in the designing world.

Mobile Friendly Design

Next to responsive design stands mobile friendly design as the top web design trend of 2013. No, they are not the same. Mobile interfaces vary at an extensive range. One has the almost obsolete common mobile phones as well as beginner’s smartphones, high-end Windows 8 phones and iPhone. So the layout of web pages should be designed to suit all these mobiles.

Infinite Scrolling

It’s time for infinite scrolling. No more people have to click page 1, 2, 3, 4…in Google to search for images. They just keep scrolling down the mouse and the pages are automatically loaded. Same trend is followed in Twitter, Pinterest and other big names. So to match steps with the time, websites have to embrace the idea of infinite scrolling.

Flash-less Design

Flash is not happening anymore. It’s not SEO friendly as well as much rigid than the newest CSS, Javascript and HTML 5. Moreover, flash designs do not go well with mobile platforms. Hence 2013 is likely to bid adieu to the flash technology very soon.

Minimalistic Approach

People now hate to look at web pages which look like overflowing trash bins. An inclination towards minimalistic design and leaving enough white-space (read empty-space) in the page layout is another significant web design trend of 2013.

Large Photography

Today designers are hugely replacing flashy banner ads with large background photography. Coupled with that ‘to-the-point’ content in huge fonts is doing the rounds.

Fixed Header Design

CSS [position: fixed;] will just freeze your header pane. So from social networks to online workspace like oDesk, it seems to be the latest hot thing in web designing market.

Transparent Design sans Photoshop

The latest CSS3 features allow editing the opacity of different webpage elements. That means now you don’t need to perform those complicated Photoshop editing.

QR Codes

When we are talking the web design trends of 2013, how to miss QR codes? Most of the smartphones now have QR code reading facilities. So from Starbucks to online shopping, QR codes are everywhere.

Social Media Buttons

If you don’t integrate the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or G+ button; your website will fail to impress the customers at a first glance. So designers are trying out every new way to incorporate the buttons in the most unusual ways.

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