Top 25 Web Design Blogs For Web Designers

Entering into the world of web design can be both thrilling and intimidating, especially for young designers. Even if you have the skills, knowledge, and training required for this type of career, sometimes, you’ll still feel overwhelmed whenever you get to participate in a project. To conquer this fear, gear yourself up with knowledge from a ton of blogs and online resources that are dedicated to web designers like you. These sites also serve as a virtual community where you and like minded people can interact.

These resources can also give you insights on how you can launch an award winning blog. If you aim to create an online presence for your own brand, these resources can give you tips on how you can generate more traffic for your site. Wise Marketing said web traffic is the key ingredient in making your brand truly desirable. Below, we’ve compiled 25 of the best blogs that you can visit to achieve these goals.

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1. Envato – Tutplus Network

Maintained by a team of more than 100 people, this blog will benefit newbies in particular, because of its very detailed hands-on approach on presenting tutorials. Some of its modules include Design & Illustration and 3D animation.

2. Design Instruct

Design Instruct is a virtual magazine for digital artists and designers. Apart from tutorials, they also feature stories of successful startups founded by designers.

3. UX Booth

Its readership consists primarily of beginning to intermediate level designers. Apart from visual coding, it’s also a go-to site for web analytics and content strategy.

4. The Web Design Blog

Maintained by the award-winning freelance web designer Phil Matthews, the site intents to provide online design news, articles, and tutorials for everyone. It also showcases interviews from web illustrators and experts worldwide.

5. Six Revisions

For both mobile and web designers, this is your ultimate resource. Apart from giving free tutorials, Six Revisions also gives downloadable freebies to its visitors – HTML 5 icons set for both web and smartphone, web UI elements, and blog templates.

6. Tutorial9

This online presence provides a handful of tutorials on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, and web development. It also gives lectures on porting a mobile app to a mobile responsive website.

7. Speckyboy

Speckyboy is your daily dose of resources for CSS, HTML, Javascript, and jQuery. If you want a blow by blow content update, you can subscribe to its newsletter. The website also highlights career opportunities and projects for aspiring designers.

8. [Re]Encoded

Reencoded is an active resource for both web designers and developers. It offers tutorials in graphics and aesthetic design as well as flash animation. As a welcome treat to its visitors, the site gives over 800+ WordPress themes for free.

9. Tutorialzine

A site also dedicated to bring the coolest online development tutorials and resources. Unlike the ones we’ve previously mentioned, this one offers a brief and easy-to-follow mini tutorial sessions they call “MicroTuts.”

10. Abduzeedo

With a tagline “abducted by design,” the blog is all about inspirational stories of successful individuals and their projects in the online design industry. Articles here are presented in tiles, corresponding to the interface of the website being featured.

11. PelFusion

If you are looking for a more detailed blog on online designing, this blog is for you. It’ll teach you how to create beautiful and intricately designed calligraphies, object mock-ups, icons, web banners, and logos.

12. Design Shack

From coding a responsive mini vCard webpage to HTML 5 elements, the Design Shack got you covered. For inspirations, it has a special gallery section showcasing hundreds of beautiful designs.

13. Design

Design is a community-based website for developers and designers alike. The site features a user-submitted news section, a design gallery, a popular blog, and a design job board. It also provides a personalized paid training and online workshops for interested students.

14. Hongkiat

Hongkiat is an online community dedicated for Web 2.0 designers and developers. In here, members can submit their own entry and share their insights to their fellows.

15. Webdesigner Depot

A blog designed to explore the different aspects of web development and graphic design techniques. Tutorials here are presented by showing great examples and best practices.

16. Onetrapixel

Onetrapixel is a blog dedicated to delivering comprehensive, useful, and innovative information for web developers and designers. It also offers a special “Code” section for tips on creating plugins and HTML 5 elements.

17. Design You Trust

This is an hourly-updated collective design blog and community highlighting the latest trends, news, events, new design techniques, and feature stories on young bloods. Here, you’ll get quick inspiration and ideas for your project when you are experiencing a designer’s block.

18. Design Modo

An online hang out place for coders, designers, and photographers alike. In here, they can exchange and learn about the hottest trends in the industry. Its contents split up into several categories: tutorials, social media, business, and web and graphic design.

19. Web Design Ledger

The ultimate resource for viewpoints and tips coming from established online design experts. With a readership of over 2.2 million page views per month, it’s the largest web design blog in the world.

20. CSS-Tricks

The public space of design experts Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert. What they offer through their website are cool project ideas like HTML-ipsum, CodePen, and practically anything related to CSS. They also air video podcasts for step-by-step tutorials.

21. Naldz Graphics

An inspirational blog for designers with high-quality images. Apart from the occasional graphic design tutorials, they also give out free resources like templates, textures, brushes, and patterns.

22. Noupe

A place to find inspiration, roundups, and occasional opinion articles from web design experts and guest authors across the world. Noupe also highlights the latest industrial innovations and regularly features bizarre concepts from various designers.

23. Design Taxi

A highly influential news source for graphic and web design, whose contents are further shared by CNN, Time, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and other media outlets. Design Taxi privdes itself as the unique forefront of creativity and innovation in this expert field.

24. Creativebloq

As part of an intertaional media group and leading digital publisher, is the online presence of the world’s best selling magazine for web developers and designers (.netMagazine). Some of the widely discussed subjects are HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Flash.

25. Line 25 Blog

It’s the home to wide-ranging stories that aim to give out inspiration and ideas to web creatives. Whether you are a seasoned designer or just someone who’s just learning the basics, topics here are as diverse as roundups of innovative techniques and tutorials, industrial news and cool design features.

Are you ready to jumpstart your career in the world wide web? These are the 25 blogs that you may want to check out in case you run out of ideas or you need some inspiration and pieces of advice with regard to web design. Do you have other blogs that you wish we could’ve included in the list?

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