Why Sitemaps Are Important in Increasing The Traffic To The Website?


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In this present world the rat race continues to be at the zenith in every sphere, only the battlefield has changed. From real it has shifted on to a virtual ground precisely when it comes to doing business. In order to have a successful business, internet pretends to be a great helping hand. In order to sustain this competition and pave a pathway which leads to success and prosperity in every business organization needs a good portal or a website. The purpose served by the website is to attract people and to advertise the prospects of the particular business. As far as my research and experience says a properly optimized website as per the search engine guidelines can give you and your enterprise a significant lead than your competitors.

As par my view, there are three reasons why you all should give a second thought on appending a sitemap to your website. The first reason being it is a very effective way to provide the visitors any easy search for data or content on the website. Secondly if the sitemap of your website is submitted to any of the popular search engines then it is very helpful in the process of indexing . Though it does not have a significant impact on the ranking but indexing done is proper. And last but not the least search engine optimization. Other than these here are my suggestions which might be helpful to you all for increasing the incoming traffic to your website and can accomplish its targeted online presence.

First and Foremost Designing

As per my experience the business houses should target to design a website which takes less than ten seconds to load even when you access the internet with a 56k modem. This is also a way how the search engine ranks the website and many of the users among you all also like this quick loading.

Optimization: an Important Factor

Many of you who hold big or small business houses should instruct their website designers to use optimized images with file formats such as JPEG, PNG or GIF. With my experience these file formats are the widely used ones. Since Microsoft Picture Manager is the most common image viewer and these image formats go well with this viewer. The content should be compressed into solitary file with the help of HTTP compression tool which helps in reducing the file size. The best thing you can do is place the CSS style sheet and Java Script at the end of the HTML as it will help you to restrict the design files from getting downloaded automatically every time the page is requested.

More About Designing

I always prefer to develop the sitemap of the website with Spider navigation as it enhances the user-friendly nature of the website. This also helps the search engine crawlers to navigate easily. You should avoid the canonical pages, doorway pages and maintain a proper hierarchy while designing the site. There should be keywords which point to the internal pages present. That is why I personally emphasize on creating a proper sitemap XML and HTML for the convenience of both users and search engines.

Use of Unique Keywords

Unique title, keywords and meta description should be present in every page which is internally linked. I suggest to use minimum six to ten words along with a title comprising of sixty six characters with the primary keyword used first. Many make a mistake of stuffing the meta description with keywords. I strongly feel a thirty to thirty five word paragraph with a maximum of 150-160 characters will suffice.

But one more thing which I would like to share with you all is not to use HTML based Sitemaps. The reason behind this is the HTML originated Sitemaps are not dynamic but static in nature. If you wish to add or move any page from its prescribed location then you would have to scan the whole site from the beginning which becomes a bit hectic. There is also a solution to this problem which many of you might be facing. The solution proposed by me for forming simple Sitemaps on HTML only is to just create a basic layout of the website and then recreate the layout again with unordered list which will include just the pages of the upper level.

I hope that this writing of mine will help many of you and will clear your thoughts about having a proper Sitemap and why it is so necessary.

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